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Germany increasingly gaining popularity as study destination

According to the recently published study Ausländische Studierende in Deutschland 2012 (Foreign students in Germany 2012) Germany has become even more attractive for foreign students. The study was funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and scientifically carried out by the Centre for Higher Education and Scientific Research (DZHW).

The study shows that 61 % of the students said Germany was their first choice. This is an increase of 14 % compared to the previous survey conducted in 2009. The recognition practice of foreign degrees has also improved considerably: In 2012, 75 % of foreign higher education qualifications were recognized. In 2009 the figure was 60 %. The satisfaction of assistance and support in dealing with authorities has also seen a notable an encouraging increase. The figures went up by 27 % from 43 % in 2009 to 70 % in 2012.

As difficulties foreign students mention the search for accommodation, lack of contact to German students and orientation in the study system.

Most foreign students come from China followed by Russia, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey and the Ukraine. According to the report Wissenschaft weltoffen the number of foreign students in Germany has increased from 180 222 in 2009 to 192 853 in 2012.

Federal Ministry of Education and Research - Press release (in German)

Report - Ausländische Studierende in Deutschland 2012 (in German)