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Germany and France: Make our planet great again

In a recent speech, France’s President Emmanuel Macron famously demanded to “make our planet great again”. What might have appeared to some simply as a jibe at US President Trump now turns out to be a serious undertaking. Both France and Germany started their own “make this planet great again” programme. 

The German programme is run by ACA member DAAD, with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research providing the funding. Referring back to the Paris Agreement, the programme aims to support research projects in the fields of climate change, energy and the earth system.  The programme provides funds for postdocs (minimum two years after PhD) or senior researchers to lead research groups. Groups led by junior researchers will receive 1 million Euro for four years. Groups led by senior researchers will be funded with 1.5 million Euro, also for four years. Applicants are expected to have an excellent publication and/or patent record. Applicants may not have lived in Germany in the two years prior to the application. 

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