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German students happy and optimistic

A recent student survey of the German Federal Ministry of Education on the conditions of study and the general outlook of students reveals that the country’s students are mostly happy with the education offered by universities. Much more than in the 1990s, students agree with the way their curricula are organised, and they arrive at positive judgments about the clarity of examination requirements. Students are also much more content than in the past about their current and future economic situation, and they expect little problems when entering the labour market. Remaining concerns include the degree of practice orientation, which could still be enhanced, as well as smaller classes.

The results of the above study, Studiensituation und studentische Orientierung, largely coincide with the findings of a recent student poll carried out on behalf of the weekly Die Zeit. The Zeit poll also revealed student optimism with regard to the future. However, it found that a majority of students regard the pursuit of personal happiness as much more important than that of a professional career. Is this focus on domesticity perhaps the reason for the sudden outburst of upbeat feelings among the country’s youth?

Federal Ministry survey on student satisfaction
Die Zeit student poll