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German Rectors’ Conference has a new President

The German Rectors’ Conference has a new president. Professor Dr Margret Wintermantel was elected to this role on 21st March 2006.

Her appointment puts an end to the interim arrangement that had arisen following the resignation of the previous President, Peter Gaehtgens last November 2005. Her term of office will end in July 2009.

Professor Dr Wintermantel, a graduate in psychology, is the first woman to head the German Rectors’ Conference. She has been occupying the post of German Rectors’ Conference Vice-President for Research and Young Academics and Scientists since 2001. She was elected as the President of the University of Saarland in 2000, where she has held a Chair of Psychology since 1992. Professor Wintermantel announced that she will be stepping down from her current position as the University’s President as soon as possible in order to fully dedicate herself to her new engagement.

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