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German Rectors Conference announces new strategy to support international students

The German Rectors Conference (Hochschulrektorenkonferenz, HRK) announced that they are aiming to further improve the conditions and prerequisites for a successful student and work experience of international students through a comprehensive set of measures. This includes concrete demands for improved legal, financial, and regulatory policies as well as suggestions for steps that higher education institutions can take independently to achieve more social and subject-related integration.  

Professor Dr Angela Ittel, Vice-President of HRK stated that while Germany being one of the most popular host countries for international students speaks in favour of the quality and popularity of what the higher education institutions have to offer, it is still crucial to continuously make sure that the supporting structure for international students suffices.  

As part of their suggested strategy the HRK stresses that the ensuring of academic success as well as the creation of conditions that allow international students to live and stay in Germany are essential. Additional support in the learning of the German language as well as more support that allows students a smooth transition into the job market, are furthermore a priority. According to Ittel, to allow higher education institutions to improve their services, a better financing of the internationalisation of higher education is needed. The German Rectors Conference has long advocated for the importance of internationalised higher education in countering the skilled labour shortage 

Read more in the press release.