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German Alliance of Science Organisations: strengthening participation in international research infrastructures

DAAD (2021). Allianz der Wissenschaftsorganisationen will Beteiligung an internationalen Forschungsinfrastrukturen stärken. DAAD. Bonn, Germany.


The German Alliance of Science Organisations has developed a position paper on the "Procedure for German Participation in International Research Infrastructures". The paper aims to find viable solutions to matters of participation, sponsorship, prioritisation, and cost absorption that meet the possibilities and requirements of all stakeholders. Before this, there was no dedicated prioritisation and decision-making process for international research infrastructures in Germany.

As the position paper works out, a decisive criterion for the success of research on and with efficient research infrastructures is the possibility for science to exert a significant influence on the setting of priorities, the organisational and technical design, and the distribution of utilisation capacities at an early stage.

Link to the press release (in German)