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Gender differences in educational outcomes in Europe

EACEA.  Gender differences in educational outcomes: Study on measures taken and the current situation in Europe.  EACEA, Brussels, 2010.  ISBN: 978-92-9201-080-5.  Pages: 144.

In the last decades the balance of gender participation at all levels of education, including higher education, has evolved thanks to gender equality policies across the countries of Europe.  However, as found in this new study conducted by Eurydice,  the strong presence of traditional gender stereotypes continues to challenge progress in educational attainment and subject area choice.  This study analyzes progress in these areas through the lens of laws, policy initiatives, and strategies enacted to improve gender equality.  At the higher education level, the report singled out gender disparity among senior faculty and gender-biased career counselling as areas in particular need of policy action.

European Commission