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G7 nations strengthen collaboration on scientific research

On the occasion of the Cornwall Summit on 11-13 June, , the G7 nations pledged to boost international collaboration on scientific research by signing the G7 2021 Research Compact. The main goals outlined in the document are to collaborate on global challenges, increase the transparency and integrity of research, and facilitate data free flow to drive innovation and advance knowledge.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the G7 members commit to continue the work with their research and business communities, aiming to remove barriers to the open and rapid sharing of knowledge, data and tools, recognising the importance of research security in particular in cutting-edge fields, and to promote open science and increase open, safe and transparent dissemination of science to citizens, and to strive to minimise technology-related risk.

The work on these goals will be facilitated by the existing Working Group on Financing Science for Inclusive Growth as well as , a new Working Group on the Security and Integrity of the Research Ecosystem, which will be established to protect the research and innovation ecosystem across the G7. It will develop proposals for a virtual academy and toolkit, bringing together and developing the skills and experience of researchers and policy makers from any nation to develop a shared understanding of research integrity and security.