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Further upswing for scholarships and programmes: DAAD draws positive balance for academic exchange in 2017

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) has released data on numbers and trends of beneficiaries of its scholarships. Despite the increasingly instable global political situation, the demand for DAAD scholarships and programmes still evolves in a promising way. Nearly 140 000 students, scientists and professors have benefitted from DAAD support for their stays abroad in 2017, an increase of 7% as compared to the previous year.
The number includes both outgoing and incoming applicants. Among German applicants, the majority come from the study field of law, economics, social sciences, language and cultural studies. The UK remains the most popular destination, followed by Western Europe, Asia and North America. Concerning applicants from abroad, the majority come from Russia, followed by the US and Azerbaijan. South Korea is apparently upswinging, too. 
DAAD is very proud of its academic connections around the world, which it considers strategic in setting up networks with the two-fold aim to boost platforms for the international cooperation and to foster innovation in Germany’s economy and science. Furthermore, such connections can also play a key role in the making of the European Universities Networks, a field in which DAAD has already collected some important experience since the launch of its “Strategic Partnerships and thematic networks” in 2013.  
Link to the DAAD press release (in German)