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From the Secretariat: ACA releases Annual Report 2010 and launches a new service, AIM

ACA is pleased to announce the publication of its latest annual report. This document is downloadable in full from the Association’s website—along with all other annual reports since 2000—and provides a thorough overview of all key aspect’s of ACA’s work during the last calendar year. ACA’s project activities, publications, membership developments, seminars and conferences, governance issues, staffing and financial information are all covered in this detailed retrospective. 

And while taking stock of the last year is a critically important exercise, so too is moving forward with new innovations. In this vein, ACA is pleased to announce a new service designed to assist higher education institutions in their efforts to achieve more with their internationalisation efforts. The ACA Internationalisation Monitor (AIM) is a high quality yet resource-friendly consultation service designed and delivered by recognised experts in the field. The concept is built around a made-to-measure approach that takes as its point of departure not an abstract internationalisation ideal, but rather the specific aims and objectives of each client institution. At a moment when expectations are extremely high for internationalisation outcomes but resource levels are low, AIM’s ‘light touch’ approach is a smart solution for institutions looking to quickly and effectively assess and strengthen their internationalisation profiles.

ACA cordially invites you to explore what we’ve been up to in 2010, and to consider how AIM might work for your institution in 2011 and beyond.

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ACA Internationalisation Monitor (AIM)