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French planning office sets priorities for France’s attractiveness

The French planning office “Le Plan” (a think-tank linked to the French government) has published a report on international student and researchers’ mobility and the attractiveness of France and its education. The so-called SARASWATI report starts from the assumption that France will need to recruit more scientific and research staff (between 8,000 and 14,700 researchers per year over the period 2001-2013) and that France will unable to do so relying only on domestic workforce.
The report sets four (ranked) priorities:

    • To provide the labour market in science and technology with qualified labour force by encouraging the migration of highly skilled professionals to France and by providing incentives for French students and researchers resident abroad to return;
    • To improve the “performance” of the French higher education and research system, amongst others through the creation of international “poles universitaires” (university networks or clusters) and the provision of French educational offers abroad;

      To contribute to the international reputation and standing of the country;
    • To use mobility as a vehicle for development cooperation.

The report also recommends that a strategy aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of French education should place emphasis on the master and doctoral level, as well as on clearly identified subject areas in the fields of Science and Technology.

A slightly cryptic English language summary of the report is available online.

English summary
French summary and report