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French Higher education ministry posts call for projects on “Hybridisation of training”

Considering the current sanitary crisis and its impact on going back to school in 2020, it is necessary to rethink the entirety of teaching methods to allow for students success, not used to those forms of teaching, and to allow for the development of new numeric skills for teachers.

Whether they build on a project already supported within the framework of the PIA or not, establishments and their partners in the EdTech sector will have to demonstrate, on the one hand, their capacity to implement an educational transformation and digital and, secondly, the effectiveness of their hybrid educational organisation model. This demonstration will result in the creation of distance or hybrid training solutions for the 2020-2021 school year or just in time during the year for use in 2020-2021.

It will also be a priority to support the creation of training modules for the first post-baccalaureate cycle, whether this is offered by universities (licenses, professional licenses, D.U.T.) or schools (first preparatory cycle). For the latter, only preparations for training courses receiving state recognition (visa or grade) will be eligible for the scheme.

The selection of these projects will be made through a dialogue to validate and support the approach of the project leaders and their public or private partners (EdTech): the establishments will have to write a 10-page summary note stating their capacity to respect the specifications of the call for projects and specifying whether the projects are based on an object of excellence already selected or not. The selection committee constituted by the National Research Agency (A.N.R.) will facilitate this dialogue in order to refine the needs of the establishments, to verify their capacity to enrich the educational resources already available and to make the devices as efficient as possible.

Deadline: 6 July 2020 at 11h00 CEST

More information (in french) here