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French government opens doctoral education to private institutes

The French government published a decree last month which will enable private research and higher education institutes to award doctorates. It is the first time that private institutes have been allowed to receive PhD students. In the past, they had to be associated with a public higher education institution in order to be able to award doctorates.

The doctoral schools will have to be accredited by the ministry of education; accreditation will be given after a transparent evaluation based on the institute’s scientific credentials. The decree also foresees limits to the number of students under the supervision of one thesis supervisor.

This decree is part of a set of measures that the French government is introducing within the framework of the loi de programme pour la recherche (a series of measures developed by the government and aimed at reforming the French system of research and innovation).

Text of the loi de programme pour la recherche (in French)
Ministère délégué à l'Enseignement supérieur et à la Recherche