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France and Germany pioneer Europe’s innovation sector





The 6th forum of Franco-German research cooperation took place in Berlin on 19 June. Such fora have been taking place every three or four years since 2002, alternatively in France and in Germany, with the aim to foster exchange and coordination between the highest representatives in the sectors of science, and financing of the two countries. The political framework for the bilateral cooperation is built at ministerial level. 


On the occasion of the 6th forum, the German Minister Anja Karliczek and the French Minister Féderique Vidal launched a set of common funding initiatives, which shall give new impetus to Europe’s innovation capacity in worldwide competition. The two ministers highlighted the importance of cooperation in research and development in setting up prosperous economic prospects. Such cooperation has recently gained even more importance, in view of the upcoming European University Networks. Therefore, the work of the two ministries can also be intended strategic with regard to that.

France and Germany are currently building a research network on artificial intelligence, a field in which they want to become leaders in Europe. France has already promised to contribute with EUR 1,5 billion in this sector by 2022. In reality, in April 2918, 25 European countries signed a Declaration of cooperation in Artificial Intelligence, in which they declared their willingness to join forces and boost European cooperation in this sector.
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