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France adopts a bill on internship reform

At first reading on 24 February, the French Parliament adopted a bill on the reform of internships and the improvement of the position of interns, which is now passed to the Senate.  

The bill is the result of the initiative by the SRC (Socialiste, Républicain et Citoyen) group to implement the 39th presidential commitment “I shall supervise internships to prevent abuse.” It has three main objectives: to integrate internships in the training curricula, to supervise them to prevent abuse and to improve interns’ status. 

The mission of higher education institutions is to support students in their training period or internship search, with an aim to encourage the development of quality internships.  The bill also foresees the nomination of a supervisor (to ensure the intern’s follow-up).The duration of internships will be limited to up to 6 months as well as the number of interns in a company, relative to the company’s workforce. The bill reminds that no internship can substitute an employment, permanent or temporary, but that it represents part of training. Consequently, internship reimbursement will not be taxed.

Universities and employers will be informed about possible infringements and will be granted a period to adjust their management accordingly. This bill concerns 1.2 million pupils and students every year who are faced for the first time with the world of work through internships. 

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (in French)

French Ministry of Higher Education and Research (in French)

French Parliament website (in French)