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Flanders’ new scholarship for top students studying abroad

The Flemish government in Belgium approved the launch of a new scholarship programme supporting Flemish students studying at top universities abroad.

With an annual budget of EUR 2 million, the programme will promote outgoing degree mobility of Flemish students from a wide range of disciplines as of the 2022-2023 academic year. The new programme will be managed by VLUHR.

The scholarship will be selective and comes with strict requirements. A student must first apply for and be accepted by the university independently and must have “excellent grades” from a Flemish university. Students’ “leadership potential” will also be taken into account in the selection. The grant size will depend on the course students apply for, the location, and other related costs such as transport and accommodation.

The Flemish universities and university colleges welcomed the government’s initiative to offer additional funding for outgoing diploma mobility, acknowledging the importance of internationalisation in higher education.

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