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Finns join the Nordic front of HE internationalisation

Following the example of its neighbours Norway and Sweden, the Finnish Ministry of Education is revising its internationalisation strategy for higher education during 2008. The preparation of the strategy is part of the Government Programme and forms part of the ongoing reform of the Finnish higher education system, aiming to create an internationally attractive research and higher education community in Finland, which we already reported in the March Edition of ACA Newsletter – Education Europe. The project is run in cooperation with the higher education institutions and stakeholders.
In the initial phases of the preparation six workshops were organised. What is interesting in the process is that in support of the strategy work, the Ministry collects the views of stakeholders, such as higher education students and personnel, the academic community, business and industry in an open consultation on the Internationalisation Strategy website. Anyone interested the project is welcome to provide comments to support the preparation of the strategy. Being among the leading providers of English-taught study programmes in Europe, the Nordic countries may set an example for the rest of Europe in development of internationalisation strategies. The open consultation model may of become a fruitful source of ideas for the policy makers.  Strategy for the Internationalisation of Finnish Higher Education Institutions
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