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Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI

The beginning of 2017 commenced the operations of a new educational actor in Finland, the Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI. The organisation is a merger of two formerly separate entities, CIMO, Finland’s ACA member, and the Finnish National Board of Education. The organisation is to provide services in the same fields as its predecessors, i.e. developing education and lifelong learning as well as supporting international mobility and cooperation, inclusive of acting as the national agency for the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme. Internationalisation of Higher Education remains a core task of the organisation.

EDUFI will employ roundabout 370 staff and all staff of the predecessor entities will continue to be employed by the new organisation.  The organisation has six departments and the Department for International Services, headed by Samu Seitsalo, the Director General of the former CIMO, encompasses the core functions of former CIMO. EDUFI is also responsible for admission services to Higher Education and recognition of qualifications (ENIC/NARIC).  The organisation is headed by a Director General Olli-Pekka Heinonen, a former member of Parliament and Minister of Education.

The Finnish National Agency for Education will be Finland’s ACA member.

The Finnish National Agency for Education – Press release