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Finland: Strategic approach to internationalisation

After a year of preparations with seminar series, expert workshops, and a wide web-based open consultation, a comprehensive national internationalisation strategy for Finnish higher education was finalised and launched at the end of January. The internationalisation strategy is part of a wider package of higher education reforms taking place in Finland (See ACA Newsletter – Education Europe September 2008 issue).

The new strategy sets out the internationalisation priorities for the next six years. The overall objective is to create an internationally strong and attractive system of higher education, with the following main areas of focus:

  • Creating an authentically international higher education community;
  • Improving the quality and attractiveness of Finnish higher education institutions;
  • Supporting export of know-how;
  • Supporting the creation of a multicultural society; and
  • Enhancing global responsibility.

The strategy proposes also some concrete actions that would support the achievement of these aims. The policy document will be translated into Swedish and English and will be available on the internationalisation strategy website and in printed format in March 2009.

Strategy for the internationalisation of Finnish higher education institutions