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Finland: renewed vision for international higher education and research

On 16 August, the national forum for internationalisation of higher education and research appointed by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture presented a new vision for international activities to Minister Petri Honkonen. The vision builds on the preceding policy aiming to strengthen the international dimension of Finnish higher education and research in the period 2017-2025 (for more details, see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, May 2017).

Over the last year, the Finnish stakeholders – including ACA member EDUFI – have worked, as part of the national forum led by the rectors of universities and universities of applied sciences, on the revision of the national vision for internationalisation, to better reflect the country’s values. The changes in the global context following the pandemic, and also in view of Russia’s war against Ukraine, have further accentuated the need to update the previous guidelines.

Aiming to guide different actors, such as higher education institutions and agencies in the Ministry’s remit, the vision lays foundations for international collaboration based on values such as the freedom of science, research and teaching, Finland’s competitiveness, cultural and linguistic diversity, sustainable development and a nationally collaborative approach.

Similar revisions of the long-term strategic approaches to international higher education and research are expected to take place in other European countries based on the re-evaluation of joint cooperation priorities and the evolving operating environment.