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Finland: Impact assessment of EDUFI trainee programmes 2015–2018

An impact assessment was recently conducted by ACA member, EDUFI, on its international trainee programmes. These programmes enable international traineeship opportunities yearly for around 200 Finnish higher education students and recent graduates.

As in the previous assessment of 2017the EDUFI programmes were found to be of high quality and complementary to the existing options on offer for other international traineeship possibilities. The focus of the programme outside of Europe seems to be of high relevance, since the Erasmus+ programme covers aptly the European traineeship mobility scheme.

From both students’ and higher education institutions’ perspective, an international traineeship period adds value to studies, while the development of an international professional career path holds significance for both employers and trainees. Learning experience offered by the employers and the latest competence brought to the workplace by the trainees are seen as a mutually beneficial exchange. When executed in high-quality, EDUFI traineeship programmes are observed to accumulate value for the society at large by strengthening not only competences, but also competitiveness and international cooperation.

The current assessment will provide additional fuel for further developing the programmes.

For more information, you can find the report here.