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Finland: elections and education portfolios

The Finnish Parliament is celebrating its centenary in 2006-2007. After 100 years, the recent parliamentary elections have brought new faces to the education portfolios, amongst other posts. Overall, out of 200 members of parliament, 84 are women; and more impressive is that in the appointed government out of 20 ministers, 12 are women. In the area of education, the new ministers are:
  • Sari Sarkomaa (National Coalition Party), was appointed Minister of Education and Science. Sarkomaa will handle matters relating to education, training and science;
  • Sefan Wallin (Swedish People's Party), was appointed Minister of Culture and Sport. Mr Wallin will also be responsible for equality as well as matter relating to culture, copyright, sports, youth, financial aid for students and church affairs.
Each minister is also responsible for international matters in their sectors and for matters relating to appointments and personnel administration in the Ministry of Education. Finnish Ministry of Education