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Finland: A chance for internationalisation for everyone. Rapporteur’s report on doubling international mobility in education

The Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture has published a report to propose measures for doubling the international mobility of pupils and students in schools, vocational institutions, upper secondary schools and higher education institutions by 2030. The rapporteur is Professor Tuula Teeri from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.

The international mobility of Finnish students and teachers is already at a relatively high level, but there are many discrepancies concerning the practical measures currently in place. In order to double student mobility, Finland needs a national roadmap with clear quantitative goals, coordinated administration of internationalisation instruments and funding channels as well as adequate resources that enable internationalisation at different levels of education. It is particularly important to ensure that underrepresented groups, such as boys, adult students and students with disabilities, also fall within the scope of education promoting internationalisation.

Moreover, it is concluded, for pupil and student mobility to be doubled, national coordination aimed at sharing and spreading good practices must be systematically increased at all levels of education, support services for internationalisation and their funding must be strengthened and regional cooperation must be boosted so that smaller municipalities can also benefit from education promoting internationalisation.

Link to the report here (in Finnish)