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External Higher Education Quality Assurance in China

L. Shuiyun, External Higher Education Quality Assurance in China, Routledge 2018, 120 pages, ISBN: 9781138564381

Since the end of the 1990s, the Chinese higher education system has seen a dramatic expansion in enrolment. China currently has the largest higher education system in the world. However, the rapid growth resulted in concerns being raised about the quality of the system. In response, an array of external quality assessment schemes of higher education has been established, based on suggested policy designs and reforms. The establishment of an effective quality assurance mechanism is a major challenge for universities around the world, therefore, what experience and lessons can be learned from the Chinese practice?

This book analyses the external quality assurance system of higher education in China. It brings together scholarship on this topic by renowned Chinese experts, reporting and discussing recent policy developments and research. It presents and analyses various quality evaluation schemes, covering undergraduate, postgraduate, and vocational levels of higher education. The theoretical roots and value orientation of Chinese higher education quality assurance are also reflected upon. This volume was originally published as a special issue of Chinese Education and Society.