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Exploring the impact of international student mobility

DAAD Brussels, the National Agency of Erasmus+ for Higher Education (NA DAAD), and the Permanent Representation of the Federal Republic of Germany to the European Union hosted an event in Brussels on 7 May 2024, focusing on the development of students and their integration into the labour market, post-mobility.  

The event highlighted the importance of evidence-based policymaking, presenting findings from three recent research studies on the measurable effects of student exchanges: Campus International 2022, and preliminary results of Erasmus+ Student Mobility 2014-2020 and Erasmus+ Follow-up Survey of Students. These studies provided valuable insights into the transformative impact of international mobility experiences and outlined approaches for further research. 

Following the research presentations, a panel discussion featuring representatives from the European Commission, the Erasmus Student Network, and the event organisers further explored future scenarios and strategies for leveraging research insights to enhance future iterations of the Erasmus+ programme. 

Key takeaways from the event include the importance of promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing initiatives among stakeholders in higher education to enhance educational opportunities. Additionally, there was a consensus among panellists on the need to raise awareness among wider public regarding the competencies gained through international mobility experiences. Lastly, higher education stakeholders emphasised the significance of systematic data collection and analysis to better understand emerging mobility trends.