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Evolving the European research agenda

Planning to start next year a communication on possibilities for simplifying the implementation of the EU Framework Programmes, the Directorate General for Research launched an online consultation to first collect ideas on the matter. Individuals, organisations and public authorities are invited to have their say under two broad headlines:
1. Improvements to processes and systems that could be implemented under the current legal basis of the 7th Framework Programme; and/or 2. Deeper changes in the implementation modes of the EU research budget, which could ultimately require adaptations of the legal basis.
Stakeholders are asked to submit their contribution by 30 September 2009, on the Your Voice in Europe website. This initiative goes hand in hand with the current discussions around and planning of the 8th Framework Programme (FP8). Another research-related development stars the European Research Council (ERC), or better said its Review Panel. As scheduled, the latter released on 23 July a Report on ERC’s structures and mechanisms (for background information see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, April 2009). While acknowledging the importance of the creation of ERC for European research and the positive spill-over effect it had on some national systems, the report also highlights certain less positive aspects. The panel is mainly concerned about the long-term sustainability of this scheme under the present operational conditions. The European Commission is expected to comment on the Review Panel’s report this autumn and consider what steps to take next. ERC
Your Voice in Europe