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Eurypedia – the European Encyclopaedia on national education systems

The Eurydice Network, a well-known European-wide information provider on education, has recently launched a new platform – the European Encyclopaedia on national education systems, or Eurypedia. The aim of this new Eurydice initiative is to provide a comprehensive overview of national education systems across Europe, with 38 school and university systems covered at national and regional levels. Information is presented in English and/or in the language of the country or region concerned. Articles cover 14 different topics, including governance and the various education levels for children and adults. Political, economic and social background information is also provided for each country.

Eurypedia is working to finalise its initial launch by the end of this month, and welcomes feedback from all interested users. The new resource will be regularly updated and completed by the Eurydice Network and its National Units. In addition, education experts and national ministries responsible for education across Europe will be closely involved in this project, powered by MediaWiki.