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Eurydice report: Adult education and training in Europe

Eurydice report.2021. Adult education and training in Europe: Building inclusive pathways to skills and qualificationsEuropean Commission. 

New technologies and the digital transformation contribute to the rapidly changing ways in which people live and work. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased the pace of change. This report indicates how everyone requires the opportunity and has the fundamental right to acquire new knowledge and skills, thereby safeguarding their opportunities in the labour market and allowing them to remain active and autonomous members of society. 

Based on research and evidence, it is evident that adult education and training – both formal and non-formal – can contribute to individuals’ employability, health and well-being. While, adults with low levels of basic skills or qualifications are known to be among the most disadvantaged groups in the labour market and in society, education systems can play an important role in identifying and reaching out to the most vulnerable groups of adult learners. To encourage their participation in education and training, it is necessary that all stakeholders, including governments and employers, play their part through high levels of commitment, targeted support and dedicated funding. 

This Eurydice report provides insights into the field of adult education and training in Europe. It investigates current approaches to promoting lifelong learning, with a particular focus on policies and measures supporting adults with low levels of skills and qualifications to access learning opportunities.  

The full report can be found here.