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Eurydice: Higher Education Governance in Europe

Eurydice European Unit, Higher Education Governance in Europe. Policies, structures, funding and academic staff, Eurydice, Belgium: 2008. ISBN 978-92-79-08524-6. Pages: 149.

The modernisation of higher education is one of the top priorities of decision-makers at national and European level, in the framework of the Lisbon process and in the establishment of a European higher education area. This new Eurydice publication examines different aspects of the issue of higher education governance: its structures, the funding and control mechanisms with respect to public funds, autonomy in raising and using private funds, and the management of academic staff.

What are the major strategic priorities with regard to funding and academic staff in higher education and the mechanisms for allocating public funding to HEIs and what are the systems for controlling its use? What is the degree of autonomy enjoyed by institutions in raising and using private funds? What are the incentives that exist to support HEIs in their quest for private funding?

The study, which covers 30 European countries and is available in English and in French, provides answers to these questions. It covers mainly public and government-dependent private higher education institutions and provides some information on private independent HEIs.