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EUROSTUDENT VII – national results in Finland

The new EUROSTUDENT VII study examined the living conditions, studies, mobility, social background and livelihoods of students in higher education. Over 7 000 students in higher education responded to the survey carried out in spring 2019 in Finland, the national being recently released.

Among the findings of the study we have 4 main points:

  • Faith about finding a job depends on the field of study, work experience being deemed more important for the field of arts and technology but less so in the fields of healthcare for example.
  • There must be a better access to higher education: among the findings is the fact that children of highly educated parents are more likely to end up in higher education than others.
  • Finland education system benefits from a good reputation that draws students in.
  • High motivation to study makes students become exchange students while financial difficulties are a factor slowing down international mobility.

The study is available (in Finnish) here.