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Eurostat outlines top EU Member States for graduates in tertiary education

Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Community, has released its regular focus report on European activity in the field of science, technology and innovation (STI). It presents the latest statistics on gross expenditure on research and development (GERD), researcher numbers in countries throughout Europe, graduate numbers, innovation expenditure, spending on high-tech and more.

In 2002, the leading Member States, with about half a million persons each graduating from tertiary education, the top three countries by percentage of tertiary graduates aged 20-29 were:

  1. Poland 7.8%
  2. The United Kingdom 7.7%  
  3. France 7.1%

Many other results in the August issue of ‘Statistics in Focus’ carry on a trend revealed in previous issues.  However, Poland’s score is recognized as a standout performance. For more statistics from Eurostat, please see the link below.

Statistics in Focus Science, Technology and Innovation (August 2005)