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Eurostat – Classification of learning activities – Manual – 2016 edition

Eurostat, ‘Classification of learning activities - Manual 2016 edition’, European Union Publications Office 2016, ISBN 978-92-79-52729-6. Pages: 50

This paper presents an update of the classification of learning activities (CLA). The first version of the classification was released in 2006.

The CLA covers all types of learning opportunities and education/learning pathways. It is intended to be applicable in all countries irrespective of the nature of their systems of education and training. Its aim is to harmonise statistics related to learning activities across countries.

In that extent CLA is to be applied to social statistics when it comes to collect qualitative information on different aspects of participation in education and training. The CLA has been initially designed to enhance the collection of the European Union adult education survey (AES) data. However, other EU household surveys (e.g. Labour force survey, Statistics on income and living conditions, etc.) as well as specific business surveys (e.g. Continuing vocational training survey) may resort to the CLA if it is deemed adequate for their needs.