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European Youth together

European   Youth   Together"   projects aim   to   create   networks   promoting   regional partnerships,  to  be  run  in  close  cooperation  with  young  people  from  across  Europe (Erasmus+  programme  countries).  The  networks  would  organise  exchanges,  promote trainings  (for  instance  for  youth  leaders)  and  allow young  people  themselves  to  set  up joint projects, all of which could be done through both physical and online activities."European   Youth   Together"   seeks   to   support   initiatives   from   at   least   five   youth organisations  from  five  different  eligible  Erasmus+ programme  countries  to  share  their ideas  about  the  EU,  encourage  wider  civic  participation  and  help  foster  a  sense  of European  citizenship. 

The  initiative  aims  to  bring  together  European  youth  from  across Europe; East, West, North and South.For this yearthe thematic priorities are the promotion of EU Youth Goals #3 #4 and #10, namely ‘Inclusive Societies’, ‘Information and Constructive Dialogue’ and ‘Sustainable and Green Europe’, as  referred to in Annex 3 to the EU Youth Strategy 2019-20276. These  European Youth  Goals  reflect  also  the  President  von  der  Leyen  Commission’s political  guidelines7for  the  next  five  years,  namely  the  ‘European  Green  Deal’,  ‘A Europe fit for the digital age’ and a ‘new push for European democracy’.More  recently,  in  light  of  theCOVID-19  pandemic,  immediate  response  is  required  to mitigate its socio-economic impact, including capacity building and specific measures to deal with Covid-19 crisis recovery in the  youth sector.

In this respect, President von der Leyen  said  the  EU  would  do  whatever  was  necessary  to  support  the  Europeans  and  the European  economy when  announcing European  measures to  counter  the  economic impact  of  the Coronavirus. When  doing so,  youth  networks  could  consider  ways  of forging solidarity and inclusiveness, which concur with challenges related to digital skills and green lifestyles.

Deadline for submitting applications: 28/07/2020 at 17:00
Budget : EUR 5,000,000

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