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European survey on language competencies

The Commission just launched a tender to develop tests and present results from the European survey on language competences. In 2005, the European Commission presented the Communication “the European indicator of language competence” outlining a detailed approach for a European survey that would collect the data necessary for creating a linguistic competence indicator. This initiative has recetly moved forward and the current call addresses the need for reliable data in measuring progress towards language competency.

The survey should cover tests in the first and second most taught official European languages in the European Union, from a representative sample of pupils in education and training at the end of ISCED level 2 (lower-secondary education) (or from ISCED 3-upper secondary education- if a second foreign language is not taught before). See April ACA Newsletter-Education Europe for more information.

Deadline for application: 14 July 2007

Budget: 6 000 000 Euro

DG Education and Training – call for proposal