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European Research Council announces start-up strategy

The Scientific Council of the European Research Council (ERC) has published a strategy note on the launch of the ERC, outlining the priorities to be followed during the first phase of the ERC.

The strategy note states that in the start up phase, priority will be given to an ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant scheme (see Starting Independent Researcher Grant below for details). The aim of this scheme is to provide adequate support to the careers of researchers that are in the process of establishing their first research team or pursuing independent research. A second funding scheme, the Advanced Investigator Research Grant scheme, will be established as soon as feasible thereafter for projects led by Investigators at all career stages (a strategy note will be published). It is envisaged that these two schemes, operating on a “bottom-up” basis, should be the core of the ERC’s operations throughout the duration of the 7th Framework Programme. Funding should start already in the first year of the Framework Programme.

Scientific Council of European Research Council
European Research Council Launch Strategy Note
Starting Independent Researcher Grant