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European Parliament welcomes back the Youth Intergroup

On 11 December, the European Parliament validated the establishment of 28 Intergroups that are going to operate for the current mandate (2014-2019). Among these, it was confirmed the re-establishment of the Intergroup on Youth Issues, whose scope shall cover also education-related matters. For the last five years, the Youth Intergroup of the European Parliament provided a space for MEPs to work together on comprehensive and effective policies affecting young people, including education and higher education-related initiatives, such as the Erasmus+ programme.

Though not official Parliament committees, Intergroups are formed by Member of the European Parliament (MEPs) from any political group and any committee, with a view to holding informal exchanges of views on particular subjects and promoting contact between Members and civil society. Although Intergroups have no legislative power, they are often used as contact point for lobbying.