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European Journal of Higher Education – special issue on the Bologna Process “External Dimension”

The European Journal of Higher Education published a special issue on "Twenty Years of the Bologna Process – reflecting on its global strategy from the perspective of motivations and external responses".

The eight articles (and editorial) in this special edition advance theoretical understandings of the Bologna Process as an international regime (Zahavi and Friedman 2018), its foreign policy strategy (Moscovitz and Zahavi 2018), and the effectiveness of this strategy (Asderaki 2018; Moscovitz and Zahavi 2018). The edition also applies the international relations theories to advance the conceptualisation of higher education as a foreign policy tool and of the Bologna Process – the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) as a distinct international higher education regime. Furthermore, the issue addresses responses to the Bologna Process in Asia (Cabanda, Tan, and Chou 2019), Africa (Alemu 2018), Canada (King 2018), New Zealand (Shannon, Doidge, and Holland 2018) and Israel (Zahavi 2018).

Many of the findings in this issue are in conversation with the most comprehensive analysis of the external dimension of the Bologna Process ‘Looking out: The Bologna Process in a Global Setting. On the “External Dimension” of the Bologna Process’, written by Pavel Zgaga on behalf of the Bologna Process working group on external dimension (Zgaga 2006).