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European Higher Education Area: Challenges for a New Decade 

Curaj, Adrian,  Deca, Ligia and Pricopie, Remus, Ed.  (2020) European Higher Education Area: Challenges for a New Decade. Springer. Bucharest, Romania 

This open access book highlights the major outcomes of the fourth edition of the Future of Higher Education – Bologna Process Researchers Conference (January 2020), which has established itself as a landmark in the European higher education environment. The conference provides a unique forum for dialogue between researchers, experts and policy makers in the field of higher education, all of which is documented in this proceedings volume. 

The publication focuses on topics of high interest for the European higher education debates, in line with the Paris Ministerial Communiqué priorities, such as furthering internationalisation of higher education, access and success for every learner in higher education, advancing learning and teaching in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA): innovation and links with research, the future of the EHEA - principles, challenges and ways forward or Bologna Process in the global higher education arena in terms of going digital.  

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