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European Commission reviews ET 2010 agenda

As part of a review of its Education & Training 2010 agenda (ET 2010), the European Commission is currently conducting a consultation on procedural and substantive issues.  ET 2010 is the European Commission’s strategic framework for all matters related to the innovation of education and training in Europe. It tries to unite under one roof the Union’s position both on the Lisbon Strategy and non-Community mechanisms such as the Bologna and Copenhagen processes.

The consultation is open until 11 June 2008. It covers both the way of cooperation between the Union and the member states in the form of the ‘Open Method of Coordination’, as well as content aspects. In the latter respect, the question is if the present five European benchmarks shall remain in place, if the 13 ‘specific objectives’ should be revised, and if there are to be any changes to the present 16 indicators. The consultation is part of a wider effort to review the ET 2010 agenda, involving stakeholder meetings, and is to inform the new future priorities which the European Commission intends to propose in December 2008.