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European Commission publishes new Action Plan for Integration & Inclusion

According to a new European Commission action plan, inclusive integration requires efforts from both the person and the host community.”  This new action plan on Integration and Inclusion for the period 2021-2027 sets out a new roadmap which builds on the achievements of the previous action plan from 2016. For the occasion of the 24 November launch of the action plan, Commissioner for Home Affairs Yiya Johansson stressed that this plan is focused on supporting “our societies to benefit from the strength and skills of migrants and support migrants to reach their full potential.” This announcement dovetails with the  new Pact on Migration and Asylum which positions successful integration and inclusion as an essential part of a well-managed and effective migration and asylum policy, framing inclusion of migrants as essential for social cohesion and for a healthy European economy. 

This new action plan was informed by both relevant demographic statistics as well as an in-depth process of consultation, which led to both a report on the consultative process and analysis of who precisely provided submissions to the consultation. The new plan proposes targeted and tailored support that takes into account individual characteristics that may present specific challenges to people with a migrant background, such as gender or religious background. National governments are primarily responsible for creating and implementing social policies, while the EU plays a key role in supporting Member States through funding, developing guidance and fostering relevant partnerships. The main actions are: 

  • Inclusive education and training  
  • Improving employment opportunities and skills recognition  
  • Promoting access to health  
  • Access to adequate and affordable housing  

A factsheet featuring essential information about this new action plan for inclusive integration summarizes key takeaways and can be found here.  To complement this, the Commission also shared questions and answers about the project which provides an at-a-glance review of the work done to-date leading up to the publication of this action plan.