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European Commission announces selected Tempus projects

The European Commission has announced the results of the selection procedure for the new Tempus projects: a total of 110 Joint European Projects (JEP) were selected with a European Commission’s contribution of 46 million Euro. JEPs are multilateral initiatives involving at least one university from a partner country (from Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Western Balkans and the Mediterranean region), one university in a EU member state and one academic or non-academic consortium in another EU member state. The aim of JEPs is to transfer knowledge from EU higher education institutions to institutions in the partner countries.

The European Commission also selected 61 Structural and Complementary Measures (designed to support national higher education reforms and strategic framework development), with a total EU funding of seven and a half million Euro.

What’s next: Three Tempus calls for proposals will be organised before the end of 2006, in October for Structural and Complementary Measures and Individual Mobility Grants, and in December for JEPs.

For a list of selected JEPs and Structural and Complementary Measures, click on the link below.

Tempus projects selection results