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Euratom Fusion Training Scheme (EFTS)

Fusion energy has been identified as one of two prime research policies under the Seventh Framework Programme for the European Atomic Energy Community (EURATOM) for 2007-2011. In many respects, this is a follow-up to the Marie Curie intra-European fellowships for the EFTS (Euratom Fusion Training Scheme). The overall objective of this action is to support and coordinate the training and education in fusion physics and engineering. The Community would essentially like to develop the knowledge base for the creation of prototype reactors for power stations that are safe, sustainable, environmentally responsible and economically viable. Research on current issues such as safety, waste and radiation protection figures prominently in this call, as does the need to investigate a broad portfolio of future energy sources and carriers. Deadline for application: 23 October 2007 Budget: 5 000 000 Euro Cordis