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EUF policy paper on automatic recognition

This policy paper, issued by the European University Foundation (EUF), discusses how recognition issues in the context of credit mobility could be addressed and more efficiently dealt with through automatic recognition mechanisms. The paper makes a case for more efficient quality assurance mechanisms to be deployed, and points to two concurrent developments that can positively impact the way academic recognition works, namely: the impact that technology has and will continue to have on the management of exchange programmes in general, and on the Erasmus+ programme in particular; and the
Proposal for a Council Recommendation on promoting automatic mutual recognition of higher education and upper secondary education diplomas and the outcomes of learning periods abroad.

The four key recommendations put forward in the paper address: an enforceable learning agreement (LA) for recognition purposes; a more robust approach to quality assurance (QA); a strengthened role for Erasmus+ national agencies (NAs) and establishing a closed and transparent information loop.

European University Foundation