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EUA: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in European Higher Education Institutions

As part of the INVITED project, EUA conducted a mapping exercise amongst European higher education institutions (HEIs) regarding their policy approach to diversity and inclusion. The findings were recently published in the report titled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in European Higher Education Institutions”. The report provides a broad overview from 159 HEIs (out of which almost three quarters comprehensive universities) in 36 higher education systems in Europe, featuring different approaches, measures and strategies towards enhancing the social dimension of higher education.

The findings show that the topic is of high relevance across European higher education as many institutions address it at the central level as well as the relevance of support by leadership for mainstreaming bottom-up initiatives and practices. Three main stated reasons for institutional engagement are the inherent value of the institution, part of the institution’s social responsibility and thirdly, it is also pursued as a legal obligation. The report also provides an overview of different approaches and practices linked to diversity, equity and inclusion, and the different minority groups addresses by institutional policies.

European University Association