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EU-UK relations after Brexit: what the deal means for universities

EUA (European Universities Association). (2021) Briefing: EU-UK relations after Brexit: what the deal means for universities. EUA. Brussels, Belgium. 

This briefing offers an overview of the implications that the new Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) coordinated by the EU and the UK has on universities.  

While the general framework of the TCA allows for association to Erasmus+, the UK has chosen not to associate with the new Erasmus+ Programme. This is a political decision made by the UK government. Instead, the programmes under the EU’s current Multiannual Financial Framework (2021-2027) that the UK has chosen for association are listed in a separate Protocol. They are Horizon Europe, Copernicus, EURATOM and ITER. 

In practice, this means that cooperation on research projects under the Horizon Programme can continue as it did under Horizon 2020. The only major difference will be that the UK is excluded from the part of the European Innovation Council through which the EU buys equity in companies (the European Innovation Council Fund). 

Find the briefing here.