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EU encourages entrepreneurial education training – results for Lisbon

On 13 September, the European Commission published a report on 'Mini-Companies in Secondary Education'. Roughly 15% of the secondary schools in the EU are already involved. The report identified 82 student company programmes across Europe involving at least 200,000 secondary school students every year in the EU 25 plus Norway.

Commission Vice–President Günter Verheugen, responsible for enterprise and industry policy said: “If we want to create more jobs, Europe needs young people who are prepared to take risks and start-up their own company. By teaching entrepreneurship at school, mini-companies give students a head start. I would like Member States to do more to promote these projects in school and tackle the bureaucratic obstacles that prevent mini-companies from thriving.”

Commission press release: Entrepreneurial education training
Final report of the Expert Group on Education and Training for Entrepreneurship