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EU ASEMUNDUS project goes networking in Bangkok and Seoul

Five ACA members – from Austria (OeAD), Estonia (Archimedes Foundation), Germany (DAAD), the Netherlands (Nuffic) and Poland (FRSE) – jointly cooperate under the EU-funded ASEMUNDUS project (2009-2012). The aim of this project is to enhance the visibility and general awareness of Erasmus Mundus in targeted Asian countries, as well as to strengthen cooperation, and increase the number of Erasmus Mundus partnerships between European and Asian higher education institutions.

The ASEMUNDUS project consortium has recently unveiled its plans for spring 2012. Specifically, two networking seminars will be held, one in Bangkok on 2-3 April and another in Seoul on 15-16 May, to discuss good practice from on-going Erasmus Mundus projects and common issues experienced in higher education cooperation with the countries of the region (South Korea, Japan and China, as well as Thailand and Vietnam). The participation of selected European higher education representatives will be supported financially. Interested applicants are called to submit their proposals to DAAD by 12 February, explaining how they could make use of their participation in the seminar(s) and generate new European-Asian cooperation ideas.