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EU’s development report 2007

The Annual Report 2007 on the European Community’s development policy and the implementation of external assistance in 2006 is out and can be ordered or downloaded from the address below.

EU is the world’s largest donor of aid to developing countries. It is thus of interest where the Commission’s DG Development spreads its money. This report gives an overview of the support measures for development policy and includes feature articles on migration and support to AIDS, tuberculosis and Malaria and the DG’s system of monitoring and evaluation.

What is of great interest to higher education and the development agenda is how the frequently announced Nyerere scholarship programme will look.  The Programme has not yet appeared, but will, according to the latest round-up of news. It has been announced at one time that it will be a window of the Erasmus Mundus programme.  We will hopefully see the proposal the first half of next year, so that the programme will start in 2009.

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