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ERC teams up with arXiv for open access support

Pushing for a greater access to scientific results, the European Research Council (ERC) has decided to join an international partnership promoting arXiv – one of the major scientific repositories in the areas of physics and mathematics operated by the US Cornell University Library.

Open access will be mandatory for all scientific publications produced with financial support of Horizon 2020, the EU’s new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (see ACA Newsletter – Education Europe, August 2013). ERC grantees in the relevant fields of study will be further encouraged to use arXiv for sharing their research results in the form of preprints before the publication and deposit accepted manuscripts or published works. However, the latter will still be subject to the approval of a publisher. The service has already been used by the ERC grantees for depositing research papers and its popularity is steadily growing.

ERC has concluded its work under FP7 with awarding the last tranche of EUR 660 million to 284 senior researchers that are holders of the prestigious ERC Advanced Grant. More than 80% of the winning proposals are in areas of Physical Science and Engineering, and Life Sciences, so the chance to see their results on arXiv is quite high. One of the biggest successes of the EU research policy, ERC will continue to play a prominent role in Horizon 2020.

New ERC Advanced Grant Results (PDF) ERC - open access (PDF)