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ERAWATCH: information source on EU research systems and policies

On 12 January, the European Commission launched a new online database, ERAWATCH, providing up-to-date information and analyses on research systems and policies in 37 countries. The project, a joint initiative of the Directorate General for Research and Joint Research Centre – Institute for Perspective Technological Studies, supports the ongoing construction of the European Research Area (ERA) and is targeted at policy makers and policy analysts working in the field of science and research.

Data on national and regional research profiles, organisations, programmes and documents are collected and structured within a research inventory service. In addition, an intelligence service for regular analyses of research policy-making has been introduced. ERAWATCH covers the research systems of all EU Members, countries associated with the Research Framework Programme as well as the US, China and Japan. The database is seen as user driven, meaning users can access and customise the way information is presented and downloaded. ERAWATCH is also equipped with an e-mail alert service. ERAWATCH website
European Commission's press release